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Saturday, June 26, 2004

I got invited to a robot chat room, and went along, to have some fun.. hundreds of people were milling about in mass confusion. Two people caught up on the fun with me, the resulting fun:

Loweaugen: quickly! press alt-F4
SmEr tO 1 5 has left the room.
Yun Ie Ma Tsu Da: Yes!
Loweaugen: it'll clear the virus from your computer!
soccerchick4480 has left the room.
Loweaugen: press it like.. 15 times
sUiCiDe39: who am i talking to?
SweeTTiezZ Gurl has left the room.
BFizzLE 6 has left the room.
Yun Ie Ma Tsu Da: Alt -F4 will rid virsuses.
oMaster0fPuppets: Alt F4 is the only way
Loweaugen: EVERYBODY! to get the virus off your computer, press Alt-F4!!
Loweaugen: press it 10 times!
cs7phu7u has left the room.
BeautifulLies91 has left the room.
DeepBlueJD05 has left the room.
d5wdmrkz has left the room.
LILlex83 has left the room.
Yun Ie Ma Tsu Da: hehe
SpearsJacksonFan has left the room.
Bri Chillin has left the room.
oMaster0fPuppets: heh!
Bon bons 1288 has left the room.

SeXy JeNnA 9103: who in here actually knows whjo i am?
BlueSkies613: no one
SeXy JeNnA 9103: ok nevermind then
Loweaugen: except me
Loweaugen: 'm god
Loweaugen: you know me, right?
SeXy JeNnA 9103: so whats goin on guys?
Loweaugen: well, i was just looking through my mad haX0r tools
Loweaugen: and so i invited all these people to this chatroom
Loweaugen: so i could access their harddrives
Loweaugen: so, pretty cool, huh?
Loweaugen: i'm glad you stuck around
Loweaugen: a lot of people we leaving really quickly
Loweaugen: i could hardly hack their files
Loweaugen: but your harddrive, it's pretty cool
Loweaugen: you sure have got a lot of stuff on here, though
Loweaugen: you should clean it out now and then, you know?
Loweaugen: but there's some stuff here, your email?
Loweaugen: can you just give me the password real quick?
Loweaugen: i'd hack it but it'll take a while
Loweaugen: Jenno?
Loweaugen: *Jenna?
SeXy JeNnA 9103: you fucker!
SeXy JeNnA 9103: im gonna sue!
SeXy JeNnA 9103: fuckj you!
SeXy JeNnA 9103 has left the room.

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