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Sunday, November 16, 2003

VioLa GuY 241: I know what I want
Loweaugen: nah, you just think you do
VioLa GuY 241: well what do you want
Loweaugen: pecan pie

VioLa GuY 241: I'm #9 right now
Loweaugen: AHH! FUCK YOU
VioLa GuY 241: it can happen
VioLa GuY 241: =P
Loweaugen:too damn smart
Loweaugen: i'm like 81 or something
Loweaugen: oh well.
Loweaugen: c'est la vie
VioLa GuY 241: ;-)
Loweaugen: i made a 790 on my SAT II biology so booya!
Loweaugen: *retreats into corner to sulk*
VioLa GuY 241: omg... I just got what that song meant
VioLa GuY 241: I never knew that was french!
Loweaugen: *rolls eyes*
Loweaugen: so much for number 9..
Loweaugen: bwahahha
VioLa GuY 241: lol
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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Em: hey, i learned your name first time
Em: lol
Ian:thats good
Ian: makes me feel special
Em: but i knew of your vague existance before i knew you
Ian: really?
Em: i saw you in the hallways last year before i knew who you were
Ian: hmmmm
Em: you think i wouldnt spot a man u* shirt in my own school??? heh
Ian: oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ian: omg i remember last year
Ian: someone goes up to me and sez 'man u sucks'
Ian: that was u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Em: lol you're right
Em: it was
Ian: jesus
Em: thats funnnnnny shit
Ian: ah man good times
Em: lifes little ironys
Em: priceless
Em: like mastercard
Ian:or... cotton...
Ian: wait thats the fabric of our lives
Ian: whatever
Em: no.. thats the fabric of our lives
Ian: lol family guy: "you may be able to put a price on lois but to me shes worthless. you can keep your check"
*'man u' - short for Manchester United, a pro football (soccer) team in britain that ian supports and that is a rival of Newcastle United (my team)

Llenon: yo
Llenon: help me find inspiration to do this thing here
Loweaugen: umm?
Llenon: english paper
Llenon: i dunno
Llenon: yar!
Loweaugen: whats it over?
Llenon: i'm going to do it on tsr and the history of dnd, then move into 'omfg iz dnd evil'
Loweaugen: ooookkkkk
Llenon: but i just end up watching cheers
Loweaugen: lol
Llenon: arg
Llenon: i have to get some stuff done or i'll start to fail 'participation' and all that
Loweaugen: that's not good

Loweaugen: well i'm going to take a shower
Llenon: k
Llenon: good luck!
Loweaugen: with a shower?
Llenon: yes
Llenon: did you know
Llenon: every time you walk through a door
Llenon: there is a finite calculateable chance that you will cease to exist?
Llenon: ahh, probability mechanics
Loweaugen: well true
Loweaugen: but then
Loweaugen: every second i sit here
Llenon: it's just not very probable
Loweaugen: there is a chance i'll cease to exist
Llenon: no but
Llenon: it's higher when you walk through doors
Loweaugen: why?
Llenon: around corners too, but more with doors
Llenon: lots of corners
Loweaugen: uh
Llenon: ask my physics teacher, i have no idea

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